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Universal Genetics LLC

Universal Genetics’ DNA Testing Center is accredited by AABB and maintains the most stringent laboratory quality assurance procedures. Universal Genetics not only masters the scientific aspects of DNA testing, but also understands the moral and ethical aspects of the services and how it could impact our patients’ lives.

Orchid Cellmark

The results of a paternity DNA test can impact the rest of your life. Orchid Cellmark has been a leader in the genetic testing field for almost 30 years. Our results come with the guarantee of quality and are delivered with speed, convenience, and most importantly, accuracy— inclusions usually result in 99.99% or 0% probability. Whether you just need to know or will need results that can be used in a legal matter, Orchid Cellmark should be your first step in this journey.

Legal Genetics Inc.

We offer many collection locations on a local, regional, and worldwide basis where your DNA samples can be taken. Contact us for the most convenient collection site near you and to schedule your appointment.

Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc

Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc is a leading analytical laboratory specializing in DNA analysis for
forensic casework, convicted offender databasing, paternity, family reconstruction, ancestry, and
research and development.

Genetica® DNA Laboratories Inc.

For more than two decades, Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. has been providing individuals around the world with the GENETICA DNA Test™, the most extensive and reliable DNA test   delivered with strict confidentiality and comprehensive, professional aftercare. GENETICA DNA Test™ symbol is the mark of excellence in DNA testing – excellence in the type of DNA test you receive and in the type of comprehensive service you experience.

Eastern Biotech

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is the first company in the Middle East to offer comprehensive genetic testing services. We have carefully examined the biotechnological horizon to identify the genetic tests most relevant to this region and offer them directly to the people of the Middle East. Offering tests of Paternity testing, Newborn Screening, Cancer Screening, Genomic Profiling, DNA testing & Molecular services.


DNAPrint Genomics Inc.

The Company’s core patent applied for and proprietary technologies for efficiently targeting single nucleotide polymorphisms (“SNPs”) enable us to provide novel predictive genetic tests at a significant cost advantage over our competitors.

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